Friday, 10 August 2012

Vim Editor

Esc h left
Esc j down
Esc k  up
Esc l right
Esc x delete character from left to right
Esc X delete character from  right to left
Esc u undo
Esc ZZ exit
Esc I insert and cursor move to first line
Esc o to add a new line
Esc O to add a new line above the cursor
Esc dd to delete the line
Esc ctrl+j cursor will move to starting cursor place
Esc w forward word by word
Esc b backwar word by word
Esc $ move the cursor to end or line
Esc 9$ move the cursor to end of 9th line from the cursor
Esc ^ moves to first nonblank character for line
Esc fh f=forwar search, h=searching word in one line
Esc Fh F=backward search, h=searching word in one line
Esc 1G to go to first line of the file
Esc G to go to last line of the file
Esc :set number to view the line numbers
Esc :set nonumber to close the line numbers
Esc ctrl+G to know the cursor current row & column number
Esc ctrl+U view the screen Up side
Esc ctrl+D view the screen down side
Esc dw deleting word by word
Esc . use to paste the laste edited word
Esc J to join the 2 line to first line (for join the all lines)
Esc rh replace the char to another char. r=replace, h=replacing char
Esc ~ change the lower case to upper case and vice versa
  qa  Start recording a macro in register a.
  ^  Move to the beginning of the line.
  i#include “<Esc> Insert the string #include " at the beginning of the line
  $ Move to the end of the line
  a”<Esc> Append the character double quotation mark (“) to the
end of the line
  j Go to the next line.
  q Stop recording the macro.
  @a macro placing
Esc :/mansoor to search a word mansoor
Esc / to search the last search word, up, down use for search history
Esc :/\# to search a speacial char # (for all special characert)
Esc :set hlsearch highlight the search word on
Esc :set nohlsearch highlight the search word off
Esc :nohlsearch to clear the current highlight search word
Esc :set incsearch incremental search
Esc :set noincsearch No incremental search
Esc :?word reverse search
Esc :/^The search The word first word of sentence
Esc :/the.$ search The word last word of sentence
Esc :/^$ first blank line
Esc :/se.rch matching the word
Esc :/%s/orig/change search and replace

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