Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Soft Link

  •  Soft or symbolic is more of a short cut to the original file….if you delete the original the shortcut fails and if you only delete the short cut nothing happens to the original.
  • A ‘soft link’ is a symbolic link to another file either on the same file system or a different file system. A ‘soft link’ may span file systems while a ‘hard link’ must point to a file on the same file system.
  • A soft link (or symbolic link) is just a way of accessing files (or directories) without moving them. You just have to associate the path of the file with a special type of file (a link) which will lead you directly to it. It is called soft by comparison to a hard link which has different properties.
  • A soft link is basically a file that contains the absolute path of the file it is pointing to. The file system tools simply know to follow the link in the file. This allows us to link across the system

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